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OCP 4.5: Rough etcd backup cronjob

8 | Written on Mon 28 September 2020. Posted in Nuggets | Richard Walker

Change project

oc project openshift-config

Create Service Account

oc create sa approver

Make service account cluster admin

oc adm policy add-role-to-user cluster-admin system:serviceaccount:approver

Add service account to scc "privileged"

oc edit scc privileged


- system:admin
- system:serviceaccount:openshift-infra:build-controller
- system:serviceaccount:approver

Create NFS PV

vi …

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Pass the dutchie pon the left hand side

6 | Written on Thu 18 June 2020. Posted in Posts | Richard Walker

Alt text

It's incredible how much extra time I've had on my hands during 2020 due to the global pandemic and being grounded at home. It would be a little shameful not to use some of it to write the odd blog post. I read an article recently that the Kubernetes Project …

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OCP 4.2: Quick Reference

1 | Written on Tue 11 February 2020. Posted in Nuggets | Richard Walker

Get cluster version:

oc get clusterversion

List clsuter operators:

oc get clusteroperators

List nodes:

oc get nodes

Web console runs as pods in the openshift-console project, managed by the openshift-console-operator project. Get the URL with:

oc get routes -n openshift-console

List existing machinset:

oc get machinesets -n openshift-machine-api -o wide …

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OCP 4.2: Update Cluster

0 | Written on Tue 11 February 2020. Posted in Nuggets | Richard Walker

OpenShift 4 enables clusters to upgrade Over-the-Air (OTA), ensuring that a cluster runs the latest available version seamlessly.

  • Machine Config Operator

The Machine Config Operator applies the desired machine state to each of the nodes. This component also handles the rolling upgrade of nodes in the cluster, and uses CoreOS …

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